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Sheringham Carnival have helped 9 organisations/charities raise funds by offering them the opportunity to participate in our 60-4O Raffle. That means the organisation gets 60% of the tickets sales and each winner gets 40%. The cost of printing the tickets was sponsored by Roy Boys.  The result of each draw is shown below:

No 1 Sheringham Youth Football Club

Sold  821 tickets which means   £492.60 for SYFC £328.40 for winner……George

No 2 Sheringham Dementia Friendly Community

Sold 354 tickets which means   £212.40  for SDFC £141.60 for winner……Alspach


No 3 Friends of Sheringham Primary School

Sold 216 tickets which means   £129.60  for FofSPS £86.40 for winner…….Pam

No 4 MS Society North Norfolk

Sold 320 tickets which means   £192 for MSS NN  £128 for winner……M Pugh

No 5 Viking Festival

Sold 300 tickets which means   £180 for Viking Festival £120 for winner….Liz W

This will help towards that expensive boat that we build and then burn!  Thanks to all those who helped build and paint it in time for the parade on Wednesday


No 6 Seal and Shore Watch

Unfortunately there was a mishap with these tickets which we were only made aware of very recently. The only tickets sold were from the Carnival caravan…..therefore the prize money is somewhat smaller than anticipated.

Sold 16 tickets which means   £9.60 for S&SW £ 6.40 for winner…..Maggie, who donated her prize to Carnival funds


No 7  East Coast Warriors

Sold 188 tickets which means   £115.80 for ECW £72.20 for winner…Brenda


No 8 Love for Leo

Sold 317 tickets which means   £190.20 for Love for Leo         £126.80 for winner…..Mollie


No 9 North East Norfolk Scouts (they sold tickets to help toward the cost of bringing the climbing wall to Sheringham for Crowning Day) 


Sold 170 tickets which means   £102 for NENS  £68 for winner….Mr Allison


Please donate to Sheringham Carnival Funds.

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