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May 2018

Please vote for us…

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Exciting news: Carnival has been selected as one of three recipients for Tesco’s “Bags of Help “ scheme. (Sheringham shop). This means that if we get the most tokens we will receive £4,000 for carnival expenses. If we are second, we receive £2,000 and even if we are third, we still receive £1,000. Thank you, Tesco, for giving us the opportunity to raise much needed funding. There is no minimum purchase and you do not have to buy a bag. If you don’t get offered a token, just ask for one. This opportunity runs for two months from 1st MAY to 30th JUNE only. It would be wonderful if everyone in Sheringham gets behind us to help win the top prize. Mundesley Cromer Express NR11 8DA is also taking part.