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Sheringham Carnival Parade Registration Entry Form – Registration is free

Thank you for your interest in applying to join the Carnival Parade; we look forward to welcoming you. We aim to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for both participants and spectators alike, so sorry for the necessary terms and conditions.

All entrants must register online (below)
Complete the form by hand, by downloading and printing the application form here, which then needs to be completed and returned well before the event to. Paula Prince, Flat 2, 28 Cromer Road, Sheringham, NR26 8RR.

As a last resort, entries can also be accepted on the day and handed to a Carnival official prior to taking part in the parade, you will need to bring your printed and completed application form with you to avoid delays on the day. 

Please use the online registration form (in advance) if you can, as this saves a lot of time and administration on the day.

Online Registration Form

Conditions of Entry

✓ All entrants must assemble on Station Road car park after 4pm The parade starts at 6.30pm. All entrants must be ready to move off at that time. After the procession all entrants must return to Station Road car park

✓ Judging will be between 5.30pm and 6pm. Winners will be announced at 6pm.

✓ Nothing is to be thrown from floats. This includes liquids and sweets. Advertising material may be handed-out provided there is no risk to spectators

✓ Consumption of alcohol by any person whilst in the parade is forbidden. Drink driving laws apply and the police will take action against offenders

✓ Float designers must be aware that the clearance under Beeston Road Bridge is only 3.9m (13’ 6”)

✓ Filling or emptying of fuel tanks within the designated parade route, holding or parking areas, is strictly prohibited at all times

✓ All vehicles must be positioned within the boundaries of any parking or display area so that any protrusions, doors, tail-lifts etc do not impinge on public access areas

✓ UK Road Traffic Act laws apply on site. Applicants must ensure that all drivers hold (and are not disqualified from holding) a licence to drive the class of vehicle used and drive/ride that vehicle in accordance with current UK legislation. Vehicles must be taxed and it is the responsibility of the entrants to ensure that all vehicles being driven have a minimum of third party insurance cover. Road vehicles must be fully licenced and MOT tested (if applicable) in accordance with current UK legislation for that type of vehicle

✓ Vehicle owners/operators must ensure that, if applicable, their insurance covers them for towing during the parade. It is an offence to drive an uninsured vehicle

✓ No vehicle may be left running unattended at any time. All unattended vehicles must be securely braked and/or chocked with engines switched off and ignition deactivated. The organisers reserve the right to remove, or have removed, any offending vehicle without notification

✓ No vehicle may be run on trade plates  Vehicles are accepted into the event on the condition that neither the relevant authorities nor the event organisers can be held responsible for participants’/traders’ negligence resulting from any damage or injury to any vehicles or any persons whatsoever. Loss, theft or damage to entrants’ vehicles, their contents or equipment is entirely at the risk of the exhibitor.

✓ Vehicles entering or leaving the site are restricted to a maximum of 4mph. No unauthorised movement of vehicles is permitted during the judging or parade times. Should you need to leave early this must be agreed with the show marshals before moving. They will then escort you from the site by walking in advance of your vehicle. All entrants must, without exception, comply with the event marshal’s instructions

✓ No dangerous dogs are allowed on site. Any pets are the direct responsibility of their handlers and must be kept fully restrained at all times. Any poo must be cleared immediately and removed responsibly

✓ Whilst every effort is made to ensure a successful show the organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for show attendance, weather etc. Furthermore, the organisers reserve the right to close down the procession at any time should circumstances necessitate such action

All entrants must, without exception, comply with the event marshal’s instructions and conduct themselves in a manner that will neither inconvenience nor endanger any other person, or exhibit, at any time

✓ Applicants wishing to display a vehicle with any form of weapon (real or simulated) must include, for consideration of approval, a copy of the deactivation certificate with this application

Declaration (must be ticked)
Please donate to Sheringham Carnival Funds.

Every Little Bit Helps

You choose the amount, credit or debit card required. Over 18′ s only.